Friday, 12 October 2007

West Cornwall Pasty sold

The Cocking family has proved that it is possible to start a business with only £2000 and turn it into a profitable business. Just how profitable you are asking, well read on to see.

Ever heard about the name West Cornwall Pasty – the business has been started in 1998 by Ken Cocking and his sons Gavin and Aaron. They are the pasty kings from Mylor near Falmouth, Cornwall. Their empire has spread across the country and with the offices based nearby Porthleven, they run 55 sites including 34 shops and 18 station kiosks, with most of the latter in London.

Now nearly anybody can get their hands on one of their hot pasties which are handmade in Falmouth and shipped around the country. However, things have not always been easy for the Cocking Family who lost 4 of their 5 shops due to a property crash in the early days. This did not cause them to give up and they have grown from strength to strength and managed to sell their Pasty business yesterday for a whopping £40 million. Not bad at all for a venture started with only £2000 9 years ago.

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