Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Born in Berkshire, England

So it is the month of October and this month our business personality is Mr Peter Jones. He was born in 1966 and raised in Berkshire (England). At the age of seven he often went to his father's office in Windsor as he loved sitting in his dad’s big chair and pretending to be in charge of a big company, even though it was a small office and just his dad. He’s parents wanted the best and sent him to private school. It was financially crippling for them to send him there and moreover he did not even like it and found it very different from what he was used to. So at the age of eight he left, spending the rest of his school years in state schools. Both his parents worked full-time for over 50 years to provide the family with as much as they could. He wanted to do the best he could and always believed in himself to become a millionaire one day. And that he is today with an estimated wealth of £250 million. He appeared on the hit Television show Dragon’s Den. This is a UK show where budding entrepreneurs pitch their idea in front of 5 eager investors. Mr Peter Jones also went on to host his Television show, Tycoon. We will concentrate on this reputable business man further on this month, so keep watching this space.

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