Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Dream of becoming a millionaire

Mr Jones, as a young boy, used to sit for hours in his father's office leather chair, dreaming of running a multi-million pound business. Dreaming can be in some way a powerful tool, and if you dream big, I cannot see why that cannot become a reality. It was a big dream for a school-boy, but one which came true for Mr Jones. He’s first sense of his business acumen and strong head for figures was while he was still at school, aged 16. After completing the Lawn Tennis Association's coaching exams, he set up his own tennis coaching school. This allowed him to combine the two subjects he loved the most: sport and economics.

During his twenties, he ran a thriving computer business which allowed him to own a nice house, a BMW, a Porsche, and plenty of money to spend. However, through a combination of circumstances, personal mistakes and learning the hard way when a few major customers went out of business themselves, and he lost the business. Later on he set up a computer support business and then a restaurant, the latter of which ended up being a fun and costly mistake. At 28, he decided to join a large corporate because he was broke and without a car or a house - a tough position to be in. Within 12 months, he ended up running the business in the UK.

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