Thursday, 2 August 2007

Mr Bannatyne - Anyone Can Do It

Duncan Bannatyne was born in Clydebank and left school without qualifications. He joined the Royal Navy to pursue a career, but left the Royal Navy after four years after being dishonourably discharged after trying to throw his commanding officer overboard. He started his business with an ice cream van and sold his ice cream business for £28 000 in 1987 for a nursing home business. The latter has helped him to make enough money and helped him build out his fortunes to the point where he is today. He has the reputation as a tough operator and once walked out of a meeting with City Brokers that would have netted him millions of pounds on a point of principle over £12 000. In 2004 he received an OBE for his charity work following a sustained commitment to children’s projects in Romania. He is the Chairman of the Bannatyne Group mostly known for Bannatyne Fitness Ltd, Britain’s largest independent health club company. He’s wealth is estimated in the Sunday Times Rich List at £200 million. He has six children and homes in London, North East & Cannes.

Mr Bannatyne on of Britain’s most successful and unconventional entrepreneurs, said himself: “if someone like me can make £100 million, then anyone can do it”

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