Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Little Entrepreneur

Mr Duncan Bannatyne was born on Wednesday, 2 February 1949 at Springfield House in Dalmuir to the west of Glasgow. He was named after his father’s uncle. Springfield House was a large six-bedroom house. This house was shard with six other families and each family had just one room. They were seven children, Helen (the oldest sister), younger brother George, Anne, William, Campbell and youngest sister Sandy that was born on his dad’s fifty-first birthday. He joined the Navy after his dad’s birthday. Mr Bannatyne’s mother was born on 26 October 1925, the seventh of seven children. His parent married in May 1946.

His first business venture when he was only 11years old was being a paperboy. To secure this job he lied to the newspaper agent in telling her (Jenny) that he will deliver 100 news papers. He did not have a bicycle and there was no money to buy one. So he was determined to make this work and buy himself a bicycle to be like other kids at school. Jenny obviously did not believe him, and he had to get 100 names to prove to her that he will deliver 100 newspapers. He did just that and had to knock on 150 doors to get 100 signatures for papers.

He left school because he knew his parents would not be able to afford for him to go to college. He left school at his earliest convenience to join the Royal Navy. Because he was under sixteen and wanted to join the Royal Navy, he needed his parent’s permission to join and his mother refused to sign the forms. He then threatened to run away from home to force his mum to sign the forms.

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