Sunday, 30 September 2007

Month End for Mr David Gold

Mr Gold, chairman of Gold Group International, that owns the lingerie chain Ann Summers and Knickerbox as well as Gold Air International, Birmingham City Football Club and newspapers started his business in a small shop. He sold magazines and newspapers and sometimes had to sleep in this little shop. He always kept it open till late even though the law forbid that. He started to negotiate with comic suppliers to sell comics at good rates and also started to sell adult magazines as it proofed to be selling very quickley in those days.

He used this shop in Charring Cross (London) to begin his empire, later on by out Ann Summers and hand the Chief Executive position to his daughter, Jacqueline Gold.

Mr Gold is co-owner with Brother Ralph Gold and at school Mr David Gold had to look out for his brother. He missed a chance to play for his favourite football team West Ham United due to his father not wanting to sign permission for him to play. He now flies to work in one of his helicopters owned by Gold Air International. Gold Air International is an exclusive private airline to fly business people and celebrities to their required destinations. The Gold family is worth £500 million.

I am facinated by Mr Gold and his whole life story. His book is the ultimate Rags to Riches tale and is highly recommend. I have signed copy of his book and if anyone is interested in owning a copy of this book (not available in book shops) then please contact me by posting a comment with your contact details and I will send you my singed copy free of charge.

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For the month of October, our business personality is Mr Peter Jones, owner and founder of Phones International Group founded in 1998, providing mobile cellular solutions to a broad range of clients. So keep wathcing the entrepreneur for more on Mr Peter Jones.

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