Thursday, 26 July 2007

Facebook Battle


The social network Facebook with 39 million users could face big trouble soon after a lawsuit has been filed by the creators of ConnectU. ConnectU claims that Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) worked briefly for ConnectU, but decided to start his own company soon after. The company Zuckerberg founded, Facebook, stands accused of stealing source code, design and even the business plan of ConnectU. Zuckerberg supposedly delayed the launch of ConnectU on purpose for a couple of months to launch the highly successful Facebook first.Zuckerberg, armed with big pockets and tons of lawyers, hopes to quash the lawsuit once and for all on July 25th. However, if unsuccessful, this could be the beginning of a lengthy and all-important legal battle for the social networking butterfly.

Amazon Profits

Harry Potter sales helped online retailer Amazon to increase its profits by more than 250%. The company posted profits of £38 million in the three months to June. This is more than treble for the same period last year. Overall sales grew 35% to £1.4 billion.

Silverjet Launch

Silverjet, the business-only long-haul airline, has grounded the launch of its second New York service after one of its aircraft needed more maintenance work. The firm has delayed the launch once before, and its second service will now not start until at least September 20.

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